Psychotherapy Working Party update

On the last Saturday in June, PACFA’s Psychotherapy Working Party met in Sydney to progress work on training pathways for psychotherapy and standards for the formation of psychotherapists.

A smaller group was present as we had a few apologies, but the meeting was very productive and positive.

Our discussions were informed by the recent consultation survey that took place to find out from psychotherapists practising within PACFA about the diverse types of training they have undertaken, and their formation process to become psychotherapists. Thank you to all psychotherapists who participated in the survey.

The Working Party is excited with the way discussions are progressing, exploring what is actually involved in the formation of a psychotherapist. At the meeting we discussed key aspects of the formation process such as the personal work and supervised practice undertaken by psychotherapists.

Following on from the last meeting in April, the PACFA Board had approved budget to create a new part-time role to support the work of the Working Party. There was a discussion at the meeting about what this role will involve. We are hopeful that we will be able to start recruiting soon to find a psychotherapist to fill this important new role.

In addition to liaising with Psychotherapy Training Providers about a range of possibilities for training pathways for psychotherapy and assisting the Working Party to develop standards for the formation of psychotherapists, the new role will be involved in assessing members for the College of Psychotherapy to ensure that as many psychotherapists as possible can be given recognition by the College.

The Working Party will meet again in August and October as work continues to the advance psychotherapy within PACFA.

Pictured in the photograph are three members of the Working Party: Dr Kate Briggs, Dr Alison Strasser, Dr Di Stow