Psychotherapy Training Standards

Psychotherapy Training Standards

PACFA has officially launched new Psychotherapy Training Standards, effective from 7 December 2020

This document is intended to be a resource for training providers interested in developing psychotherapy training, and for qualified psychotherapists who wish to be recognised by PACFA as an Accredited Psychotherapist. PACFA’s Psychotherapy Training Standards were developed by a Working Group established to support the retention and development of high quality pathways for psychotherapy training in Australia. The Standards have been benchmarked against international standards for psychotherapy training. This will support psychotherapy training is Australia to develop into a profession in its own right, as it has internationally. 

An important feature of the Psychotherapy Training Standards is that they set high standards for psychotherapy training while also allowing for flexibility for practitioners with the addition of a Recognition of Prior Learning pathway.

In 2021, PACFA’s College of Psychotherapy will be developing a new accreditation scheme which will enable suitably qualified psychotherapists to be accredited where their training meets the requirements of the Psychotherapy Training Standards. 

PACFA gratefully acknowledges the work of the PACFA Psychotherapy Working Party which developed the PACFA Psychotherapy Training Standards; subject matter experts: Dr Alison Strasser (Chair), Dr Kate Briggs, Tara Green, Dr Zoe Krupka, Christina Nielsen, Valerie Redman and Dr Jelena Zeleskov-Djoric; and PACFA representatives: Maria Brett and Dr Di Stow (ex officio).

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