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Privacy Policy

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia recognises that the sensitive information, which has been disclosed to us, needs special care and protection. We are required by law, as detailed in the Information Privacy Act 2000 (“The Act”), to comply with a strict code of conduct to maintain the privacy of all personal information on record. This Privacy Policy complies with the privacy principles set out in the Act and explains how we apply them in practice.

Personal and sensitive Information
PACFA collects the following personal and sensitive information and undertakes to hold it in a secure manner.

– Name and title
– Full contact details
– Academic and professional qualifications, work and supervision history
– Professional conduct and professional development history
– Insurance and credit card details
– Personal opinions and comments on matters held on record
– And other documentary information

This information has been collected directly from individual application forms, annual subscriptions, conference registrations, correspondence, phone calls and e-mails.

PACFA collects uses and holds only information relevant to the conduct of its business as a federation of the counselling and psychotherapy associations in Australia. This includes maintaining a national register of qualified counsellors and psychotherapists, auditing applicant associations, liaising with governmental and not governmental bodies, acting as a consultant to Members Associations’ ethics committees and a conduit for the processing of ethical complaints, organising conferences and community focused education and advocacy.

PACFA undertakes to maintain a high quality of data on record and to update that information as appropriate to the function it serves. Additional personal information will only be collected if necessary to maintaining a high standard of service to members and the community at large, and the individuals involved will be consulted by the means specified in the act. Additional sensitive information as defined in the Act, will only be collected with the consent of individuals involved and in accordance with the Act.

The information will only be used within PACFA for the purpose for which it was collected and in accordance with the Act. PACFA will not disclose to a third party, any personal or sensitive information without written consent of the individual concerned.
In the event of a formal ethical complaint against an individual pertaining to conduct, competency or breaches of the law, PACFA may be obliged to disclose personal information to an appropriate third party in accordance with the Act.

The entire process of collection, storage, transfer and use of personal information will be undertaken in a secure manner such that it fully protects all personal and sensitive information. On the cessation of connection with PACFA, the personal information will be held securely for as long as it is prudent and disposed of appropriately when the information is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and in a manner specified by the Act.

Access and Correction
Individuals are entitled to access their own personal and sensitive information held by PACFA. Individuals are also entitled to change incorrect or out of date information. The request for access to personal information must be made in writing and the request will be processed in accordance with the Act.

Where lawful and practical, PACFA will offer the option for anonymity when providing personal information in the process of transacting PACFA business.

PACFA will not use identifiers assigned by government bodies and agencies.

How to make a complaint about breach of privacy
We will take all due care to make sure that breaches of privacy will not occur but if you do have a complaint it is very important that you let us know. Please contact the PACFA Secretary or Chair of the Ethics Committee directly.

Please note this document is only a brief summary of the Act and based on the requirements for informing the public specified in the Act. Further information may be obtained from the Ethics Chair of PACFA.

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