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Individual Insurance with Insurance House

PACFA has negotiated an Individual Insurance Policy with Insurance House for both practitioners and educators.

While PACFA does not endorse any particular insurance company, PACFA has arranged this package so that members can have access to affordable insurance. It is, however, the practitioner’s responsibility to arrange your own insurance and to determine the policy that best meets your needs.

* This policy is available to Individual PACFA Members and also to members of  PACFA Member Associations.

The level of cover available is between $1,000,000 and $20,000,000 for Professional Indemnity, and between $10,000,000 and $20,000,000 for Public Liability cover, depending on the level of cover you select. The policy includes access to 1 hour of free legal advice per year via the Insurance House advice line and unlimited run-off cover when you retire.

Download the Information Sheet for Registered Psychologists for an overview of the PACFA Master Policy if you are a Registered Psychologist.

Download the Information Sheet for Health Professionals for an overview of the PACFA Master Policy if you are not a Registered Psychologist.

Insurance premiums vary slightly in some states due to stamp duty.

  • The cost of the Individual Policy starts at $175.45 for $500,000 professional indemnity cover and starts at $331.32 for $20,000,000 professional indemnity cover.
  • For Registered Psychologists, cost of the Individual Policy starts at $207.93 (inc. GST and stamp duty) for $2,000,000 cover and starts at $364.40. (inc. GST and stamp duty) for $20,000,000 cover.

Download the Insurance House Individual Policy Premiums

How to apply

If you are interested in this insurance option, you should purchase your insurance policy at the Insurance House website before finalising this application. Alternatively, you can up these insurance offers at any time in the future.

Registered Psychologists taking up the Insurance House offer are required to purchase a policy specifically designed for Registered Psychologists.