Practitioner Resources


This section contains a wide range of resources for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

Training Standards
The PACFA Training Standards provide guidance to training institutes and students and practitioners on the standards of counselling/psychotherapy education that are recommended by PACFA for safe, competent and ethical practice in counselling and psychotherapy.

Accredited courses
PACFA accredits counselling and psychotherapy programs. PACFA-accredited courses have been assessed as meeting PACFA’s recommended standards for quality counselling and psychotherapy education.

National Register
The PACFA National Register is the principal means by which PACFA regulates the counselling and psychotherapy profession. Registered practitioners meet PACFA’s standards of training, accountability, ethics and professional development.

Ethical Standards
PACFA’s Code of Ethics sets high standards of ethical practice in the interests of protecting clients from harm are to ensure the professionalism and integrity of the profession is maintained.

Ethics Complaints
PACFA has a complaints process in relation to the ethical conduct of practitioners and PACFA Member Associations.

PACFA Policies

  • Guidelines for Client Records
  • Disaster Response Policy
  • Facebook User Guidelines
  • Using the PACFA Logo
  • Privacy Statement
  • Statement on LGBTI Clients

Information is provided on PACFA’s professional Indemnity Insurance requirements and there is a competitive offer for insurance cover.

Government Codes of Conduct
Codes of Conduct have been legislated in NSW and SA and are being developed nationally. Templates for the Codes of Conduct are available.

Counselling & Psychotherapy Definitions
This is a very useful definition that practitioners can use in their work.

Counselling & Psychotherapy Brochures
Brochures to publicise your practice are available for purchase by Registrants at cost price.

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