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Supporting Research Studies

PACFA is committed to supporting the development of the evidence base for the psychotherapy and counselling professions. To this end, it supports requests from experienced researchers and students to recruit participants for their research, by promoting it to PACFA members. PACFA Registrants and other counsellors and psychotherapists are encouraged to participate in these research studies, and where appropriate, to encourage clients to participate in studies.

Promotion opportunities are the Supporting Research Studies page on PACFA website and the PACFA eNews.

Latest Research Studies

Interview participants sought for research into somatic or body-based interventions after sexual assault

Somatic therapists and psychotherapists are currently being sought to participate in a qualitative Masters research project at the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP). The aim of the research is to explore somatic or body-based interventions therapists use when treating women who have been sexually assaulted and experienced an immobility response at the time of the sexual assault. The objective is to identify common themes across a range of therapeutic disciplines that may guide practice in the future and further support women in their recovery from sexual assault trauma.  The ACAP HREC approval number for this research is 557040220. 

Participation is completely voluntary and confidential. The time commitment is a single interview of approximately 45 to 60  minutes. To indicate your interest in participating please email Janine Stirling: janine.stirling@my.acap.edu.au by 27th March 2020. 

Survey participants sought for research into Counsellor burnout

Therapist/Counsellor Burnout is a common issue in the Human Services industry. Researchers at the University of the Sunshine Coast are conducting research which looks at the impact of emotion regulation and empathy style on counsellor burnout and are seeking counsellors who would like to contribute to this field of knowledge about burnout. The study has ethics approval (No S191362) from the Human Research Ethics Committee, University of the Sunshine Coast.

Counsellors, psychologists, therapists and art & music therapists who work more than 5 hours of face to face counselling per week are invited to participate in an online survey. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and is anonymous.

Click here to participate in the survey.

Survey participants sought for research into the use of video games in therapy

Researchers at the University of Sydney are seeking participants to complete an online survey exploring clinicians’ and clients’ experiences and attitudes toward the application of “Serious Games” in psychotherapy. Serious Games are computer or video games that go beyond the purpose of pure entertainment, and also include an educational component.

The study is seeking participants aged 18 and 85 who live in Australia and have either undergone psychotherapy for mental health, or work in an area of mental health that provides talking therapy.  The study has ethics approval (No. 2019/338) from the Human Research Ethics Committee, Sydney University. All data collected will be anonymous.

Please follow the links below for further information and to participate in the survey:

Research on decision-making processes influencing assessment/diagnosis of depression

PACFA Members are invited to participate in a research project on diagnostic decision making that is being conducted at the Australian National University (ANU). The research investigates the decision-making processes that influence the assessment and/or diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) across health care settings and aims to determine how the different signs and symptoms of MDD are weighted by clinicians and trainee clinicians in the diagnostic decision-making process. This research study has received Ethics Approval from the ANU Science and Medical DERC, approval code 2019/367.

Participants will be required to provide basic background information and complete a short choice task of approximately 15 minutes where they will be asked to make clinical decisions based on hypothetical case information. In addition to contributing to research on best practice, all participants will go into a draw to win 1 of 3 Westfield Gift cards.  Please click here to participate in the survey. Any questions or comments can be directed to Dr Bruce Christensen: Bruce.Christensen@anu.edu.au or Madeleine Makinson: Madeleine.Makinson@anu.edu.au

Requesting PACFA to promote your research
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Archived Research Studies
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