Revised ZOOM Terms of Service Update

15 August 2023

Concerns have been raised by PACFA members regarding the potential impact of Zoom's revised Terms of Service on the confidentiality of clinical interactions. While PACFA does not endorse any particular platform, it acknowledges that Zoom is widely utilised and a transition could disrupt established practices.

After a thorough examination of the updated Zoom terms, we want to assure our members that the terms explicitly mandate customer consent before utilising any content originating from audio, video, or chat interactions.

Zoom will, however, employ aggregated customer insights, including usage data, telemetry and diagnostics, without requiring explicit consent. According to PACFA's IT consultants, C2C, the use of broad-scale aggregated data is unlikely to jeopardize clinical confidentiality due to its generalized nature and lack of specific content (audio, video, or chat).

For those seeking more information, our IT consultants have provided the following links to articles discussing ZOOM's recent Terms of Service updates:

    iTWire: 'Zoom Modifies Terms and Conditions Following Identification of Data Use for AI.'

    CNBC: 'Zoom's Updated Terms Acknowledge Use of Customer Data for AI Training.'