Pathways to help

12 April 2023

Ernst Meyer, PACFA’s Convenor of the College of Psychotherapy—and former police officer—recently completed five informative videos for Police Care Australia, a website to support the mental health of police officers.

The videos, which are part of Police Care Australia’s ‘Pathway to Help’ series, explore a range of topics, including the biology of trauma; burnout; suicide; emotional awareness for managers and ‘The medical model verses person centred care, where he clarifies the roles of psychotherapists and counsellors and explains how their methods stand apart from the ‘medical model.’

Police Care Australia is a joint initiative of the National Police Memorial and the National Police Federation of Australia to refer, support and educate police both serving and former along with their families and friends on all aspects of mental health and wellbeing.

Watch all the Pathways to Help videos on the Police Care Australia website.