PACFA attends 30-year celebration of the National Rural Health Alliance (NHRA)

15 November 2023

The 30th anniversary of the National Rural Health Alliance (NHRA) and the observance of National Rural Health Month was held at Parliament house on November 14. PACFA CEO, Johanna de Wever, attended the event to commemorate the anniversary and to represent the members of PACFA.

Held at Parliament House, the event served as a convergence point for organisations and individuals nationwide, all passionate about advancing the cause of rural, regional and remote health.

The Hon. Emma McBride MP, Assistant Minister for Rural and Regional Health, Mental Health, and Suicide Prevention, was among the list of guest speakers. She addressed the pressing issue of workforce shortages and reaffirmed the government's commitment to collaborating with the Alliance to enhance healthcare accessibility. Other highlights included a speech by Senator the Hon. Anne Ruston, Shadow Minister for Health and Aged Care, who emphasised the necessity for purposefully-tailored health sector solutions.

The event not only celebrated past accomplishments, but also helped to solidify PACFA’s commitment to the ongoing success of the National Rural Health Alliance. As a united force, the NRHA will continue to advocate for the importance of counselling and therapy professions in building resilient and thriving communities.

To learn more about the NRHA, please click here.