Nghi Robinson, PACFA’s new Head of Education

15 August 2023

For this member profile, we sat down with Nghi and asked her a few questions about her career and her role as PACFA’s Head of Education.

With a diverse background in science, education and a solid foundation in program management, Nghi Robinson naturally aligns with her role as PACFA's Head of Education. Before joining PACFA, Nghi refined her expertise through leadership roles in education across Australia, Japan, and the UK. As the former Accreditation Manager at the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), she demonstrated her deep understanding of professional accreditation and quality assurance.

As PACFA's Head of Education, Nghi leads the enhancement of PACFA’s education, training, and accreditation portfolios. She is committed to upholding the highest standards in counselling and psychotherapy education and training, forging meaningful stakeholder partnerships, and guiding the overarching education and accreditation strategy.

What does the Head of Education do?

As the Head of Education at PACFA, I have a multifaceted role. I navigate the complexities of PACFA's educational, training and accreditation processes, and champion a culture of continuous improvement aligned with PACFA’s mission of advancing the profession, and developing a skilled workforce poised to adapt to the profession’s evolving landscape. The oversight of PACFA’s accreditation mechanisms is central to my portfolio, reflecting the nuances of a self-regulating profession. I am also committed to developing diverse, high-quality and pertinent professional development opportunities for members and promoting PACFA’s initiatives to the broader professional community.

Building on my experience within the regulated health professions, I have gained invaluable insights from various disciplines providing accreditation functions for the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law. My significant tenures with two leading accreditation authorities, the Australian Dental Council and APAC, have uniquely positioned me to drive quality improvement in PACFA’s accreditation and quality assurance frameworks, ensuring that PACFA remains at the forefront of sector changes. Additionally, my diverse role at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), characterised by faculty coordination and project management for executive education programs, including an Executive Masters level program, highlights my skills in educational strategy and operations.

My expertise is further exemplified by my ability to foster strong stakeholder relationships and collaborations and undertake a diverse range of strategic stakeholder consultations. My unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and streamlining systems and processes is instrumental in advancing PACFA's strategic objectives.

What led you to PACFA?

My commitment and passion for the education sector have been a driving force in my career trajectory. From my leadership roles within the teaching profession to collaborating with esteemed academics and educators at ANZSOG shaping the curricula for executive level programs, I have always been an integral part of the educational journey. Recognising the transformative impact of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and viewing accreditation as a lever for change and driver of quality improvement, I have consistently sought to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the accreditation process and drive innovation. Joining PACFA has provided me with a unique opportunity to further refine and enhance the value of CPD, optimise and streamline processes and collaborate with educators across Australia, thus reinforcing my commitment to lifelong professional learning.

What do you do for fun, how do you find enjoyment, and what do you do to relax?

Beyond my professional life, I seek to adventure in travel, delving deep into varied cultures and enjoying the world's diverse cuisines. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I treasure moments spent sharing meals with family and friends. When I want to relax and rejuvenate, I turn to the calming practices of yoga or peaceful walks along the foreshore.

How to contact Nghi

For any education and accreditation queries or collaborations for professional development opportunities, please feel free to connect with Nghi Robinson at [email protected] or contact the PACFA office directly.