New organisational documents to improve transparency and understanding of PACFA

14 June, 2023

Two mind maps: “What is PACFA” and “Who is PACFA”, and PACFA’s Training Journey document are freely available on the ‘About’ page of the PACFA website.

PACFA’s Training Journey and mind maps were developed in conjunction with PACFA’s Strategic Plan, which aims to ensure that the direction of the organisation aligns to appropriately serve members, all other stakeholders, and the profession itself. This Strategic Plan encompasses PACFA's purpose, mission, and values. The two mind maps provide a graphical survey of the functions performed by the organisation, as well as the important groups that make up PACFA. The Training Journey outlines the training pathway options that members can take with PACFA throughout their career.

The What is PACFA mind map serves as a visual representation of the many functions that PACFA performs, from registration and accreditation to professional development and publications, information and engagement.

The Who is PACFA mind map serves to illustrate the numerous important groups that make up the organisation—including our Members, Member Associations, Branches, Colleges, Board of directors, Staff, Special Interest Groups and Stakeholders.

The Training Journey document demonstrates the various pathways to PACFA membership, functions of different training types, and ways members can attain the titles of Certified Practising Counsellor (CPC), Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), and titles for any relevant specialisations, such as Registered Clinical Psychotherapist (RCP).

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