Introducing ‘PACJA Viewpoints’

04 October 2023

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia (PACJA) is proud to launch Viewpoints, a new series of articles that offers authors the opportunity to expand on their insights and opinions, distinct from traditional research articles. These articles will venture beyond statistics and analysis, allowing authors to comment on topical subjects, ethical considerations and life experiences that shape their unique perspectives.

PACJA is the official journal of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, and PACJA Viewpoints celebrates the diversity of thought among the members. Viewpoints articles offer readers a deeper connection with the topics important to them, adding a new dimension to the high level of scholarly discourse that PACJA is known for.

The inaugural PACJA Viewpoints article is ‘Conceptions of Counselling and Psychotherapy: Towards Professional Self-Clarification,’ written by Dr. Denis O’Hara, program director of the Master of Counselling at the University of Queensland. In his article, Dr O’Hara explores the current state of counselling and psychotherapy as professions, and suggests that they need to clarify their identities to navigate government standards and regulations effectively. He proposes two approaches for recognition: inclusion in the Medicare Better Access initiative and AHPRA registration.

As we launch the new series, we would also like to take the opportunity to thank all those involved in the production of our print magazine Psychotherapy & Counselling Today (PCT), which will cease publication. The magazine has been a vital pointer towards how the professions of counselling and psychotherapy understand themselves, but, just as Dr O'Hara explains, further clarification is required. All submissions to PCT will be considered for PACJA's new Viewpoints series.

Read the inaugural Viewpoints article, 'Conceptions of Counselling and Psychotherapy: Towards Professional Self-Clarification.'

For enquiries regarding PACJA, please contact Jane Marsden, PACJA Editor, at [email protected].