International Men's Day, 19 November 2023

06 November 2023

The theme for International Men's Day (IMD) in Australia for 2023 is "Healthy Men, Healthy World." This theme is especially relevant to our community of psychotherapists and counsellors, as it aligns with our commitment to promoting mental and emotional well-being.

Despite Australia's status as a healthy and prosperous nation, men in the country still die, on average, seven years earlier than women. This gender health gap manifests in various statistics, such as high suicide rates, heart disease deaths, alcohol-related deaths, road accidents, workplace fatalities, and deaths in young men.

The "Healthy Men, Healthy World" theme focuses on four sub-themes:

  • "Take action, stay healthy!" encourages promoting activities that contribute to men's and boys' well-being.
  • "Check in on a mate" emphasizes the importance of supporting men who may be facing challenges, particularly in terms of mental health.
  • "Improving male health together" highlights that men's health is a collective social concern, not just an individual one.
  • "Healthy male role models" aims to initiate a national conversation about valuing a diverse range of healthy male role models in Australia, aligning with the National Men's Health Strategy.

As members of PACFA, we have a unique opportunity to contribute to this important annual event, offer support and advocate for positive change in men's mental health. Let's embrace this theme and make a difference in the lives of the men around the country and around the world.

For more information and resources, visit the official International Men's Day website.