Free online information session with PACFA President and CEO

15 August 2023 

Seeking registration can be confusing for people working as counsellors, psychotherapists, or Indigenous Healing Practitioners. Whether you are a new graduate, starting out in your early career, or are well-established, the complexities of registration in self-regulating professions can be overwhelming.

In this online information session, held on Tuesday 22 August at 19:00 AEST, PACFA’s President Nigel Polak and CEO Johanna de Wever will discuss the differences between Registration and Membership for PACFA members, the role of accreditation, the importance of self-regulatory functions such as grievance resolution, as well as the implications of choices of qualifications. 

Nigel and Johanna will discuss the structure and requirements for PACFA registration and membership in this information session, which is open to any members or potential members.

At the end of the session, Nigel and Johanna will host a Q&A session.

Places are limited; to secure your spot and attend this information session, please register by clicking here and following the prompts.