C.CET Celebratory Online Gathering a resounding success

12 July 2023

On Monday, 3 July 2023, PACFA members interested in joining the new College of Creative and Experiential Therapies (C.CET) attended a celebratory online gathering from 7:00pm - 8:30pm.

The purpose of this gathering was to:

  • Launch C.CET’s Membership Statement and Criteria

  • Meet the Leadership Group

  • Learn more about becoming a member

  • Meet other creative and experiential therapists

  • Contribute ideas about CCET's development and activities.

The event was well-attended by student members, early career, established and advanced practitioners alike, with 160 people registering for the event, and about 80 attending the live event. “It is very heartening to see the strong interest from attendees,” said Carla Van Laar, the Convenor of C.CET.

At the opening of the gathering, attendees were greeted with didgeridoo music played by C.CET Deputy Convenor Tara Harriden, who also performed the Acknowledgement of Country. PACFA’s President, Nigel Polak, was among the attendees, who were treated to a discussion, Q&A session, padlet, and Carla’s launch of the C.CET Membership Statement and Criteria, with great interactivity and engagement throughout. The group discussed the themes of creativity, connection, and sharing a professional home full of heart as being central elements of C.CET’s shared vision.

Participants were invited to wear a self-made adornment of any description; for example, a piece of jewellery, head-dress, fancy glasses, or costume that expressed something about their creative and experiential practice.

C.CET’s next hybrid event will be held in August, with small gatherings in regional locations.

To watch the recording of this event, please click here.

To express interest in becoming a member of C.CET or in assisting with planning the next C.CET event, please contact Convenor Carla Van Laar at [email protected].