Aid for Australians impacted by Middle East conflict prioritises mental health

13 November 2023

The Government has pledged $25 million each to aid the Executive Council of Australian Jewry Inc (ECAJ) and the Australian Palestinian, Muslim and other affected communities in response to conflict in the Middle East. Additionally, $3 million has been allocated over two years for targeted mental health and community well-being services.

The additional funding specifically addresses the psychological distress stemming from the conflict; services will be delivered through the Program of Assistance for Survivors of Torture and Trauma and targeted Primary Health Networks.

A further $6 million has been designated for mental health and well-being support for students in Jewish and Islamic schools, as well as for students of these faiths in government schools. This funding recognises the profound impact of the conflict on the mental well-being of young individuals within these communities.

The allocation of $25 million each to the ECAJ and affected communities, coupled with the focused mental health initiatives, underscores the government's commitment to addressing immediate psychological repercussions of the conflict.

Specifically targeting mental health and well-being within these communities demonstrates a commendable effort to provide vital support to groups most affected by the ongoing conflict while fostering resilience and well-being among the youth during these challenging times.