Haven't renewed? Renew by 30 September

7 September 2022

PACFA is delighted to announce that most PACFA members have now renewed their membership and we are hard at work advocating for you in the 2022-23 year.

For those practising and student members who are yet to renew, we urge you to get it done by 30 September 2022. If you have not renewed by COB 30 September, your PACFA membership will be suspended – which may also affect your insurance cover.

Many insurers require membership of a professional association to provide insurance cover to counsellors and psychotherapists. Practising members with a PACFA Master Insurance Policy who have not renewed by 30 September are no longer covered and are unable to practise.

Student memberships are free but membership will also be suspended if not renewed by 30 September. As students receive PACFA Master Insurance as insurance cover for their placements, they will no longer have this cover if membership is suspended.

Please note that members who joined on or after 15 May 2022 do not have to renew their membership for the 2022-23 year.

Members who have faced challenges related to the Covid pandemic or natural disasters are encouraged to review our Hardship Policy and the Flexible CPD and supervision requirements for 2021-22.

Renewing is easy. Practising members will need to have completed and logged their required CPD and supervision hours. Once you have logged these hours, a ‘Renew now’ button will appear on your profile. Unfortunately, as you have renewed past 31 July 2022, a $50 late fee will apply.

For student members:

  • Log in to your PACFA portal by going to the PACFA website and selecting ‘For members – Member portal’

  • Enter your username and password - your username is the email address you used to apply for membership. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking ‘Forgot password’

  • Click on the orange ‘Renew Now’ button on your profile and follow the prompts.