NDIA revises Pricing Guide

5 July 2022

The NDIA has released its 2022-2023 Pricing Guide. This includes a range of revisions which affect service providers including PACFA members.

In a step in the right direction, for the first time, the NDIA Price Guide excludes counsellors who are not registered with a professional association from providing services to NDIS clients.

PACFA will continue to liaise with the NDIA regarding the specific pricing of counselling and psychotherapy services in comparison to other clinical allied health services. PACFA is emphasising to the NDIA the  qualifications PACFA members hold and and is seeking information about the level of training NDIA requires of counselling therapists registered as providers with NDIA.

Formal recognition as an allied health profession via full membership of Allied Health Professions Australia will assist in these conversations as greater attention is paid to the qualifications of the counselling and psychotherapy sector.

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