Making the most of your membership: using your digital badge and trademarked title

In late 2021 PACFA launched our digital badges and trademarked titles, in line with our aim to promote our members as highly- trained and skilled professionals.  

The titles Certified Practising Counsellor, Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Clinical Psychotherapist are trademarked and for the exclusive use of eligible PACFA members.  

Your badge signifies to the public, including potential clients and employers, that you have met our training standards – the highest for our profession in the country, have met the requirements for membership of a PACFA college, and have a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of the profession.

You can use your badge: 

  • on websites and social media channels related to your work as a therapist 
  • on any advertising, whether online or printed 
  • on presentations at conferences and education institutions 
  • within your email signature 
  • on your letterhead and invoicing templates 
  • anywhere that is relevant to your work in counselling or psychotherapy.  

Your PACFA membership certificate will also display your badge and title when you renew your membership in June 2022. You can display your certificate in your office or practice, as well as include it with applications for employment or academic submissions, such as to a conference or peer-reviewed journal. 

Haven’t received your badge? Stand by, we are about to issue a round of badges for eligible members who have recently joined PACFA or have updated their college membership. 

If you are eligible for a badge and have not received one by 12 May, please contact [email protected]  
Read the digital badge FAQs.