Prolonged grief disorder classified as mental health condition 

‘No one thinks that grief is ever really over, after you lose someone close’, according to Dr Katherine Shear, Director of the Center for Complicated Grief. 

However, for some people grief becomes pervasive, persistent, and disrupts daily life, Dr Shear told Julian Morrow in an interview on ABC RN Sunday Extra about ‘Prolonged grief disorder’. 

Prolonged grief disorder has been added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). 

PACFA practitioners can learn more about effectively supporting grieving clients by watching our webinar on how grief manifests physiologically (free for members) run with PhD candidate Liz Gleeson. 

The webinar covers: 

• Types of losses, types of grief, what determines how we grieve 
• How grief can manifest in the body 
• The polyvagal theory and how it can relate to grief 
• The ‘Window of Tolerance’ and how it can relate to grief 

The recording counts as 1.5 hours of Category B CPD towards your annual renewal requirements. 

If you are experiencing grief, our partner Griefline supports anyone facing any type of loss, providing free telephone and online support services and resources.