Preparing for your membership renewal

Members will soon receive a membership renewal email, with memberships expiring on 30 June 2022.  

We encourage members to begin filling in their CPD, supervision, and client hours logs ahead of the membership expiry date, to make your renewal process as smooth as possible.   

PACFA registrants who still need to complete their required 20 hours of CPD for the year can use our events search to find affordable, high-quality CPD. 

PACFA CPD in May includes Practical counselling strategies for the everyday counsellor, Tuning Relationships with Music Level One, the PACFA Mental Health Course and Keeping the Body in Psychotherapy
To access your logs to update them:  

Head to  

Go to ‘For members’  

Select the first option, ‘Member portal’  

Log in to your account 

You will be automatically redirected to the logs page.  

Watch our video guide on how to complete your logs. We have recently updated our website, so it may look a little different to the video, however all steps are the same.  
If you attended live CPD run by PACFA, this will automatically be added to your CPD log. You will need to add manually to your log any CPD you have completed that was run by other organisations.  

If you joined PACFA part-way through the current membership year, you are eligible for a pro-rata exemption on CPD and supervision. This may have already been applied to your logs - if not please email [email protected]
PACFA members can access our supervisor directory, and connect with PACFA-accredited supervisors for low-cost group supervision. 
View the annual CPD and supervision requirements.