Extended call for collaborators – PACFA Safety Through Diversity Conference 2022 

The deadline for applications to become a collaborator, leading and facilitating discussion at PACFA’s Safety Through Diversity Conference 2022, has been extended until 10 July 2022. Applications are encouraged from anyone with experience in the daily conference themes.

Held online over five days from 13-18 November 2022, the conference will bring diverse voices together in a sharing of perspectives. Read more information on this year's conference. 

The Conference Committee is trialling a new ‘collaborative festival of ideas’ format, drawing upon Indigenous models of communication, collaboration and decision-making to support conference participants and other collaborators to connect virtually and engage with one another in a series of deepening discussions on the topics in the conference schedule. 

Each day will be facilitated by multiple collaborators, who will be invited to introduce themselves and talk about their interests in conversation with the other collaborators. Over the course of the day, participants will be supported to join the discussion to share their own knowledge, experience and unique perspective towards a more comprehensive understanding of the themes. 

PACFA’s Conference Committee are inviting applications that are in line with their core themes:  

  • Day 1 (13 November) - Indigenous Healing Practices  
  • Day 2 (15 November) - Diversity in Gender, Body, Kinship & Sexuality  
  • Day 3 (16 November) - The Politics of Mental Health  
  • Day 4 (17 November) - Research and the Future of the Profession  
  • Day 5 (18 November) - Wrap-up - bringing it all together towards the future.

Applications are encouraged and welcomed from anyone with a perspective to share on any of the themes. 

In view of the collaborative format, the traditional call for abstracts has been replaced with the call for collaborators; however, if you would be more comfortable presenting in a more traditional way, you are welcome to apply and include that information in your application. 

Apply to become a collaborator now. 

PACFA Safety Through Diversity Conference 2022 FAQs 

Is this still a conference?  

Yes, the PACFA Safety Through Diversity Conference 2022 is a conference, however the format will be different to the typical conference style, which can exclude people from participation. The Conference Committee is made up of a diverse cross-section of our membership, who together have put forward the ‘collaborative festival of ideas’ format, which follows more of a ‘spiral’ or ‘fireside chat’ model of participation and information sharing. 

Will this count for CPD?  

Yes, attending the conference will count towards your Category A CPD hours. The conference will be very interactive and involve discussions on practices, politics, and research in the fields of counselling, psychotherapy, and Indigenous Healing. 

I’m not an expert, can I still apply to be a collaborator?  

Yes, you do not need to be an academic or researcher to apply. The Conference Committee welcomes and encourages applications from anyone with a perspective to share on the themes and topics, including people with lived experience. 

Who is reviewing the applications?  

There is a sub-committee for each day, lead by a Conference Committee member. The sub-committees are made up of representatives from PACFA groups including the College of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Practices (CATSIHP), the Gender, Body, Kinship and Sexuality (GBKS) Interest Group, and PACFA’s Research Committee. 

Will there be breaks?  

Yes, each day will include short breaks, a lunch break, break out room discussions, and any other activity agreed to between collaborators. These breaks will not be set in advance, and will be decided upon between the collaborators and participants on the day, so as not to interrupt the flow of dialogue and discussion. 

If your schedule does not allow, you do not have to attend for the whole day, however it is recommended that you do. 

Can I submit an application for more than one day?  

Yes, you are welcome to apply for more than one day, however you can only be a collaborator for one day of the conference. The Conference Committee will review all applications and choose which of your applications has been accepted. 

Please submit a separate form for each day. 

I’m not sure which day my topic falls under. 

If you’re not sure, still submit your application under the theme that most closely aligns to your topic, and when the sub-committee reviews your application, they will advise if your topic would be better suited to a different day. 

If you have any further questions, please review the call for collaborators and information on the collaborate festival of ideas format. If you cannot find the answer there, contact the PACFA Communications Manager, Stephanie Francis, at [email protected].