Participants wanted for 7 research studies 

Seven researchers are looking for counsellors and psychotherapists to participate in their research studies, with topics ranging from wisdom in therapeutic practice, to emotional signatures, and exploring the identity of humanistic person-centred therapists.

PACFA supports researchers to recruit counsellors and psychotherapists for their studies as part of our commitment to developing the evidence base for counselling and psychotherapy.

Recently posted projects include:

A Psychological Scale for Emotional Signatures – A Revision

This project is conducted by the Annandale Institute’s Dr Michelle Webster, who is revising the Annandale Emotional Signature Scale.

Everyone has an emotional signature, a recognisable way of relating to oneself and with others. Knowing and understanding emotional signatures helps practitioners fine-tune the relational and technical aspects of our work. The research involves 3 questionnaires to be administered online: Annandale Emotional Signature Scale (Revised); a childhood questionnaire; and an attachment questionnaire on close relationships.

Counsellors’ perspectives of mindfulness meditation and its impact on therapeutic presence: a qualitative study

This research is being undertaken by Rachena Ek, a Master of Counselling student at The University of Notre Dame, under the supervision of Dr Cathy Bettman, who is a member of PACFA’s Research Committee. The purpose of the project is to explore the attitudes of mental health providers who practice mindfulness meditation to discover its impacts on their therapeutic presence in clinical settings. Participants would be required to attend a Zoom interview.

Please see our supporting research studies page for a full list of the projects currently recruiting, further details on the research, and how to contact the researchers.