PACFA Webinar Recordings

PACFA offers recordings of our professional development events delivered via webinar, and these webinars are available for purchase through the PACFA Portal. If you are a PACFA member the recordings can be purchased for free, you will need to be logged in to receive the discount. Recordings won’t be available for free until 30 days after broadcast. If you wish to watch the recording before 30 days you will have to pay. Each webinar can be watched at a time that suits you, and can be counted towards Category B CPD, unless stated otherwise.

All PACFA webinars have an expiry of 1 year after the recorded date, so it is up to you to ensure you watch the recording before it expires.

If you would like access to the resources attached to any of the below recordings, please contact [email protected] Not all presenters have given access to resources, but where available they will be supplied.

*denotes recordings that are not currently free

 1* The Therapeutic Challenge of COVID: Finding a new mojo
Presented by Reneé McDonald
Date Recorded: 18 October 2021 
    2* Relationships, Sexuality and Disability 
Presented by Liz Dore
Date Recorded: 13 October 2021 
      3* How to Make Use of Rank and Power Awareness in Therapy
Presented by Silvia Camastral
Date Recorded: 8 October 2021 
   4* The Physiological Manifestation of Grief
Presented by Liz Gleeson
Date Recorded: 6 October 2021
  5 A Journey into the Hearing Voices Approach
Presented by David Facer
Date Recorded: 9 July 2021
  6 Understanding & Responding to Men’s Distress & Suicidality
Presented by Dr Zac Seidler 
Date Recorded:
22 June 2021
  7 Ethically Promoting your Counselling Business
Presented by Bianca Stawiarski 
Date Recorded:
18 June 2021
  8 EMDR: A Taster
Presented by Graham Taylor
Date Recorded:
5 June 2021 
  9 Working with the Trauma of Narcissistic Abuse
Presented by Tania Cusack
Date Recorded:
14 May 2021 
  10 Demystifying NDIS
Presented by Bianca Stawiarski
Date Recorded: 
7 April 2021 
  11 Regulating the Client's Nervous System through Body Consciousness
Presented by Rebecca Ridge
Date Recorded:
31 March 2021
  12 Affirmative practice LGBTQI+ people and forced displacement
Presented by Tina Dixson
Date Recorded:
23 March 2021 
   13 Culturally Informed, Trauma Integrated, Healing Approach –
An Indigenous Method to Developing Worker Skills
Presented by Antonia Burke
Date Recorded:
18 March 2021 
 14 The biosocial model of borderline personality disorder (BPD)
Presented by Dr. Sarah Swannell
Date Recorded:
12 March 2021  
 15 Do and Think Differently – Using your privilege as Therapists to improve the lives of Aboriginal lesbians using simple techniques 
Presented by Tanya Quakawoot
Date Recorded:
9 February 2021  
 16 LBQ Women’s Kinship, Family formation and Parenting
Presented by Dr. Ruth McNair
Date Recorded: 
3 February 2021 
 17 Working Effectively with the NHS from a Somatic Psychotherapy Perspective – Without Touch
Presented by Courtenay Young
Date Recorded: 8 February 2021
 18 Research Committee: Rising from Existential Crisis
Presented by Emmy van Deurzen
Date Recorded: 26 November 2020
 19 PACFA SA: Tapping Rapid Relief for Negative Emotions
Presented by Steve Wells
Date Recorded: 21 November 2020
 20 101 of Being a Brotherboy
Presented by Taz Clay
Date Recorded: 25 October 2020