PACJA Edition Six published

PACFA is pleased to announce the sixth volume of PACJA, developed by incoming editor, Dr James Vicars, with the support of our authors, reviewers and PACFA’s Research Committee. We also offer grateful thanks to Dr Jillian Lynch for her contribution as Assistant Editor from March 2016, followed by her editorship of Volume 5 in 2017.

Kim Dunphy,  PhD
Chair, PACFA  Research  Committee

Message from the Editor

 The new issue of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia marks a transition, a movement from the birth of the journal six years ago to a new phase of growth.

This has arisen from a reaffirmed and long-term commitment to research in the field by PACFA, including the appointment of a professional editor, Dr James Vicars, who is now building on the wonderful work of its earlier, volunteer editors. This issue, the 6th, includes articles on a variety of topics that cover a broad spectrum of practice, methodology, theory and ideas in which all members should find something relevant.

Articles include an introduction to Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM), an innovative technique that changes problematic schemas at the heart of personal problems. There is a literature review paper that critically examines the Family Constellation Therapy (FCT) approach as a potential therapy option for responding to intergenerational trauma; another turns the focus to the therapist in a consideration of supervision across the career, and its actual and potential value. There is an analysis of the verbal content of a demonstration of CBT therapy and the canvassing of an alternative view that the aesthetic qualities present in the work of the therapist better account for its success. In a different direction still, another article offers insights into the impacts on relational and social identities of migrants by specifically focusing on “sense of belonging” as a key area of interest. The issue is rounded out by a book review of a collection of writings from across the globe that each take a different pathway to highlight how rhythm, connection, play and creativity can assist trauma healing in vulnerable children.

You are warmly invited to read and download the full articles by visiting www.pacja.org.au.

James Vicars, PhD
PACJA Editor

Call for articles

PACJA is an international, open-source, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing original papers of quality. The journal offers immediate access to practice, theory, and research articles, and is a valuable resource for practitioners, researchers, educators and students.

Authors are encouraged to submit articles for the seventh edition of PACJA, scheduled for publication in 2019. Go to “Publish” for submission details. For updated details on the maximum word limits for articles and reviews, and due dates for submissions, contact the Editor, Dr James Vicars, at editor@pacja.org.au.