PACJA Edition 7 published

Edition 7 of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia (PACJA), PACFA’s online research journal, has been published on the PACJA website. PACJA is an international, open-source, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing original papers of quality. The journal offers immediate access to practice, theory, and research articles, and is a valuable resource for practitioners, researchers, educators, and students.

In the editorial, Dr Rhys Price-Robertson expresses his dismay at narrow and reductionistic conceptualisations of evidence-based practice.  He voices his support for PACFA’s recently released Evidence-Informed Practice Statement, and outlines the broad and inclusive understanding of evidence that he brings to his role as PACJA editor. He suggests that PACJA “remains very welcoming of contributions based on RCT or meta-analytic methodologies, but such contributions will sit alongside those grounded in other methodologies (e.g., clinical observation, effectiveness studies, ethnographic and auto-ethnographic research, process studies, case studies, qualitative research), as well as those that explore the philosophical, sociological, political, and historical dimensions of psychotherapy and counselling.”

As an illustration of the breadth and scope of contributions that can find expression in PACJA, the seven articles in this edition draw on a broad range of research methodologies and theoretical frameworks, from qualitative and mixed-methods research, to theoretical explorations of identity and ethics.

  • From ethics to ethos: An expanded agenda for counsellor training and development Jim Schirmer
  • Applying the Radical Exposure Tapping protocol in the treatment of trauma-related emotional reactivity: A phenomenological case study – Emil Barna & Denis O’Hara
  • The experiences and needs of carers during mental health crises: A mixed-methods study – Helen Shann, Jade Sheen, Delise Francis, & Jennifer Pohl
  • The threads of a narrative: An exploration of identity – Grant Thomas Ryan
  • The lived experiences of adult crystal methamphetamine users: A qualitative study – Girija Dadhe & Cathy Bettman
  • Investigating what Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning students seek in a counselling service – Emma Chow & Pol Dominic Miles-McCann
  • Pluralism in counselling and psychotherapy: An introduction to theory and implications for practice – Mark Pearson & Marc de Bruin

The edition also includes two reviews of recent books that will be of interest to many practitioners.

  • Emotion–Focused Counselling: A Practitioner’s Guide (2017) by Michelle A. Webster. Reviewed by Clare Stapleton
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy with Older People in Care (2018) by Felicity Chapman.
    Reviewed by Di Stow

Call for articles

Practitioners and researchers are encouraged to submit articles for forthcoming editions of PACJA, two of which will be released in 2020. PACJA has also recently introduced a “Latest Articles” section, which ensures that authors can be published as soon as the peer review process is complete.  

Go to the PACJA website for submission details. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the editor, Dr Rhys Price-Robertson, at editor@pacja.org.au.