IMIS is almost here

We are excited to announce that PACFA is moving to a new membership system which will be launched to members in early December.  The system is called iMIS and is a well-established membership database that is used all over the world.

Once iMIS is established:

  • The new system will keep a running total of your professional development and supervision hours and display this on your membership screen, giving you a snapshot of your progress towards meeting the annual requirements 
  • If you are a registered member, you will be able to access their renewal certificate as soon as the renewal process has been completed and payment is received 
  • You will able to easily view and edit your member profile and customise the types of communications you receive from PACFA 
  • Once our new website is launched in early 2020, we will be offering a member-only area that will allow us to tailor and share exclusive member-only content with you, using the iMIS platform

Transition to iMIS

During the transition to iMIS, the Find a Therapist search engine will continue to operate as normal. Members will still be able to use the old Member Portal to your information, to purchase events, leave applications and upgrade applications until 8 December.

If you need to change any of your personal details, please do not update these on the current portal. You can complete this change of details form or contact the PACFA office and we will be able to make the changes for you.

PACFA has securely transferred key membership data including your membership profile, history, CPD, Supervision and Client Hours logs to iMIS. However PACFA could not import some members’ Therapist Profile data due to some limits in the new system.

What do members need to do?

  • We suggest that you copy and save information in your current Find a Therapist profile. You will be able to use this information to re-create your profile once you access the new iMIS portal.  This will save you having to retype information that you have saved in the current portal.
  • We will send all members and registrants instructions on how to set up your new password when the iMIS system is ready to go live.

As with any new system, there will be a few teething problems so please bear with us. We will be rolling out some features of the system in stages so not all functionality will be available when we first go live. We are investing a lot of time and effort in making this system easier for members to use and we believe that you will have a greatly improved experience using the new system.

As always, the membership team will be available to assist members to access and use the new system.  We are really looking forward to introducing members to iMIS. Please contact the membership team if you have any questions about the transition.