PACFA Webinar recordings

PACFA has added to its online library of recorded webinars which can be purchased at the PACFA Portal. The webinar recordings count as Category B CPD for PACFA’s renewal requirements.

One of the new additions is the first Keynote Speaker from the sold out 2019 conference Working with Trauma. There are also new webinar recordings on Supervision: Making the hours count and Conversion Therapy and LGBTI people of faith. Members are also encouraged to sharpen their ethics practice with the webinar on Confidentiality and informed consent.

The Context of Trauma (1 hour of category B CPD)
Presented by Miriam Taylor, a UKCP registered Gestalt psychotherapist from the UK who specialises in trauma.

Although traumatic events may be experienced as random and meaningless, they always happen in a context. The hidden story of how trauma weaves its way into many aspects of society is every bit as clinically relevant as the one the client is aware of. Altered perception of the whole situation can result in a perpetuation of splits, dissociation and hopelessness, and limit the effectiveness of therapy. This presentation will attempt to contextualise trauma, starting from the individualistic and reductionistic focus of neuroscience research, and trace a journey towards an expanded relational field model. From this perspective, it is both necessary and ethical to take account of ourselves as agents within the traumatised relational field, and we will open some ideas about this dynamic. The presentation aims also to investigate the resolution of some of the dichotomies inherent in trauma, and consider how psychotherapy may implicitly reinforce them.

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Supervision: Making the hours count (2 hours of category B CPD)
In order to make the hours count a practitioner needs to find a way to be safely vulnerable. How do the settings of group and individual supervision facilitate that? The more we can be open and honest in supervision the deeper we can reflect and grow as practitioners, the better the client outcomes. Suitable for both supervisors and supervisees

The Panel includes Jo Ablett and Cheryl Taylor. Cathy Bettman chaired the webinar.

Purchase for $15 (Member Price inc. GST) at the PACFA Portal

Conversion Therapy and LGBTI People of Faith (1.5 hours of category B CPD)
Presented by Anthony Venn Brown

Anthony Venn-Brown was once a popular preacher in Australia’s. His bestselling autobiography, A Life of Unlearning, details his 22-year struggle coming to terms with his homosexuality. Since 2000, Anthony’s worked extensively with individuals seeking resolution of faith and/or their sexuality, conversion therapy survivors and gay and lesbian people in heterosexual marriages. 

The mental health challenges of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people have been well documented. LGBTI people from faith backgrounds often experience these with greater intensity and have additional issues to deal with including attempts to change their sexual orientation or block gender transitioning. Understanding the LGBTI faith person’s worldview as well as the unique obstacles they face, enables therapists to work more effectively with clients. 

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Confidentiality and informed consent (2 hours of category CPD)

This webinar is a research forum hosted by the PACFA Research Committee exploring the issue of confidentiality and informed consent, the topic of a recent systematic literature review commissioned by PACFA. PACFA members are encouraged to view the webinar as this is such an important topic for all counsellors and psychotherapists.

The Research Forum Panel includes Associate Professor Andrea Lamont-Mills, Steven Christensen and Crystal Lockard of the PACFA Ethics Committee. Gina O’Neill chaired the forum. 

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