PACFA to introduce Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation on the PACFA Board

The PACFA Board is moving ahead with a proposal to create a new Board position to enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation on the Board. This initiative was strongly supported by the PACFA Council at the last Council meeting.

Constitutional changes are required to create the new Board position so the required changes will be submitted for approval at the 2020 Annual General Meeting taking place in October.

The Leadership Group of PACFA’s College of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Practices (CATSHIP) has been consulted on the most appropriate model of representation. Feedback was provided to the Board proposing a collaborative representation model with the Convenor of CATSIHP to be appointed to the Board and a second Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person to be appointed as the Deputy Convenor of CATSIHP and to share the representative role with the Convenor.

Once the constitutional changes are approved, both representatives will initially be appointed by the Board but in the next election cycle, due to take place in 2021, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representatives will be elected. Only members of CATSIHP will be eligible to vote for these new representative positions.

In the coming months, PACFA will launch opportunities for PACFA members and Registrants belonging to PACFA Member Associations to join CATSIHP.