PACFA Submission to the Consultation on the Draft NDIS Rules

In its submission to the Consultation on the DRAFT NDIS Rules, PACFA has welcomed the National Disability Insurance Scheme as an initiative that will significantly improve the level and quality of support provided to people with disability and their carers and families.

The drafting of the NDIS Rules is a crucial part of the preparation process for the NDIS as the Rules will have a decisive impact on whether the principle of participant choice is achieved. The Rules should be drafted so as to facilitate tailored and flexible responses to the goals and needs of individual NDIS participants, as required by section 31 of the NDIS Bill. This should include the capacity for participants to choose counselling and psychotherapy for their support.

Access to counselling and psychotherapy services for people with disability is important to support them to improve their psychosocial functioning and increase their capacity to participate in employment and community life. Counselling and psychotherapy are professional services, with a strong evidence base, which assist people to develop greater self-understanding and to make changes in their lives. It is therefore important that short-term counselling and psychotherapy are included in the NDIS as early intervention supports and reasonable and necessary supports.

Counselling and psychotherapy should also be provided as general supports for participants, as well as their carers and families, to maintain and improve the sustainability of informal supports. The inclusion of counselling and psychotherapy in the NDIS Rules will improve the choices available to people with disability, and their families and carers, while also improving their access to counselling and psychotherapy services.

PACFA intends to make an application for PACFA Registrants to be registered as providers of supports under the NDIS. Registration of counsellors and psychotherapists as eligible providers will be of benefit to NDIS participants, government and the community, due to the cost effectiveness of the support they can provide to people with disability, and the improved mental health and wellbeing of participants.

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