PACFA signs joint Letter to the Prime Minister – ‘Time To Fix Mental Health’

PACFA is one of more than sixty organisations that have signed a Joint Letter to the Prime Minister and the “Time To Fix Mental Health – Charter 2020”.

The joint letter and Charter are the initiative of Mental Health Australia (MHA) of which PACFA is a member.

The “Time To Fix Mental Health – Charter 2020” is the basis for MHA’s advocacy campaign over the coming months, ahead of the release of the Draft Report from the Productivity Commission Inquiry in November. The Joint letter and Charter will be presented to the Prime Minister during the next sitting of the Parliament.

At the heart of the Charter is a request for a National Agreement for Mental Health. Such an agreement would deliver integration and coordination of mental health services between all levels of government and help ensure Australia has a mental health system that is truly client-led.

Adding PACFA’s voice to the shared consensus and collaboration on mental health reform is very important. It highlights that we are part of the solution to improving Australia’s mental health.