PACFA restructure receives in principle support from PACFA Council

On the weekend of 11–12 October, the PACFA Council met for PACFA’s 2014 Annual General Meeting. Charles Wilson was elected as the new PACFA President and Council farewelled and thanked Professor Ione Lewis for her significant contribution to PACFA as PACFA President over the last four years.

One of the key topics for discussion was the proposal to restructure PACFA. This proposal received in principle support from Council with a timeline for the restructure model to be prepared and voted on by Council at the next AGM in a year’s time.

The Working Party established by Council in April 2014, made up of 13 PACFA member associations, had produced a Discussion Paper recommending that PACFA proceeds with the proposed restructure. Issues raised for discussion included the membership categories under the new structure, PACFA Colleges, representation on the PACFA Council and Board, and voting rights for individual members. There were rich and constructive World-café-style discussions exploring these and other structural issues.

Under the new structure, current member associations will have the option to continue as separate associations as described in the current PACFA constitution or to become structurally a part of PACFA. The Working Party is looking at Branches, Colleges and Interest Groups as key elements of the new structure, as well as the possibility of affiliated organisations being able to become organisational members of PACFA.

The Working Party has been charged with responsibility for preparing the new PACFA structure over the next year. Regular communications and continuing consultation will take place with member associations as we move towards the new PACFA structure.

PACFA Restructure – Motions agreed by Council

Motion 1:

  • That Council agrees there is a need for a restructure of PACFA

Motion 2:

  • That Council provides in-principle approval for proceeding with the restructure of PACFA, which broadly consists of:

–  Member Associations that decide to continue as outlined in the current Constitution
–  Member Associations and their members that decide to join with PACFA structurally
–  Individual members as per the existing PACFA Register categories

Or other alternatives as voted on by Council

Motion 3:

  • That each PACFA Member Association formally advises the PACFA CEO in writing as soon as possible, and within three months of this AGM, in response to the CEO’s formal email, of the Member Association’s preferred option at this time regarding the restructure
  • In the event of no formal advice being received from a Member Association within the specified time period, the Member Association will be understood to be continuing as is without prejudice – that is, they can pursue other options at any time

Motion 4:

  • That the Restructure Working Party be charged with the responsibility of developing a model of governance and representation, and the membership categories, in accordance with the spirit of the PACFA Constitution, which ensures decision making by consensus wherever possible
  • The funding model for the restructure model will be developed by the Restructure Working Party in consultation with the Board
  • There will be regular consultation with the Member Associations throughout the development period
  • The resultant model will be discussed at the 2015 Council meeting with a proposal whether to proceed
  • If there is a decision to proceed, legal advice will then be sought on the Constitutional changes

The developed model and Constitutional changes will be voted on at the 2015 AGM subject to the foregoing process