PACFA Queensland officially launched

PACFA is delighted to announce the launch of our new Queensland Branch, PACFA QLD.

Members of the Queensland Counsellors Association (QCA) have already been invited to take up membership with PACFA as QCA prepares to wind down as a separate association.  The addition of the QCA members to PACFA will greatly strengthen our presence and impact in Queensland.

Many hundreds of people have helped to make QCA a very successful Queensland-based professional association for more than 40 years. No doubt this is a sad time for some, as they let go of their involvement in QCA, but hopefully it is also a happy day as we welcome the new PACFA QLD.

A Leadership Group has been formed for PACFA QLD:

  • Maree Armansin (Convenor)
  • Glaucia Barbosa
  • Florence Ee
  • Brett Jones
  • Roger Vallance

Welcome to the new Leadership Group members!

Planning is well advanced for professional development events in Queensland and all events will be via zoom webinar.

Event Date/s

Event Details

03/07/2020 Working with Gender-Diverse and Sexually-Diverse Clients – What Every Clinician Should Know
PACFA QLD BranchInteractive WEBINAR
2 hours Category A CPD
14/07/2020 Online counselling: Building effective cyber relationships
PACFA Qld BranchInteractive WEBINAR
2 Hours Category A CPD
07/08/2020 Equine Assisted Mental Health
PACFA Qld BranchInteractive WEBINAR
1.5 Hours Category A CPD
04/09/2020 How to Recognise, Assess and Treat Eating Disorders
PACFA Qld BranchInteractive WEBINAR
1.5 Hours Category A CPD
19/09/2020 Managing Resistant Clients
PACFA Qld BranchInteractive WEBINAR
7 Hours Category A CPD