National Awards Scheme

PACFA’s National Awards Scheme was established in order to recognise the outstanding academic achievements of counselling and psychotherapy graduates in Australia.

The Outstanding Graduate Prize is awarded to final year students who are graduating from a PACFA-accredited counselling or psychotherapy program.

One winner is selected by each institution that is accredited by PACFA. In 2019, 27 institutions are eligible to select a winner for the Outstanding Graduate Prize.

The Outstanding Graduate Prize is:

  • A 1-year PACFA membership at Provisional level (valued at $344)*
  • An Award Certificate

*Winners are required to complete the application for PACFA Provisional membership.

PACFA will endeavour to send a representative to any ceremony held to present the prize.

How to participate in the PACFA Awards Scheme

One Outstanding Graduate award winner may be selected by the participating institution based on the overall academic and practical performance of the graduate.

There is no cost to the institution to participate in the PACFA Awards Scheme. Institutions may wish to offer additional prizes at their own cost (such as a cash prize or training opportunities) to the selected winner. They may also offer an additional prize (at their own cost) if there is more than one graduate considered deserving of a prize.

Institutions are requested to nominate their Outstanding Graduate to the PACFA Office by 5pm on 16 November 2020 to

Download PACFA National Awards Scheme 2020


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