PACFA Membership Final Renewal Reminder

PACFA  membership is now due for renewal for the 2018/19 financial year.

Registered PACFA members and Registrants belonging to Member Associations were sent an email with a link to complete their renewal online at the Counselling and Psychotherapy Portal.

Provisional and Clinical Members should refer to the PACFA Renewal Requirements to ensure they have met the requirements before completing online renewal. It is mandatory to complete online Logs with completed supervision and professional development hours. 

If you did not complete your PACFA renewal before 31 July, your membership status will be currently listed as “Pending” and will not display on the PACFA or ARCAP ‘Find a Therapist’ search engines until the renewal has been finalised.

Please complete your renewal by 30 September to avoid your PACFA Membership lapsing. From October 1st, lapsed members will need to apply to reactivate membership, which incurs a $115 fee.

Please contact Portal Help Desk for assistance if you have any problems completing your online renewal:

Tel: (03) 9486 3077

Email: membership@pacfa.org.au

If you are not able to complete your renewal online, please contact PACFA for the paper version of the renewal form.

We look forward to your continuing membership with PACFA.