PACFA 2nd letter to the Treasurer on reforms to self-education expense deductions

In May, PACFA CEO wrote a follow-up letter  to the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, to request the government opposing the cap on deductions for self-education expenses, with a formal submission to follow.

There have been objections to the policy from many different professions, who will all be seriously impacted if it is implemented. The key issue is that the policy fails to recognise the importance of continuing professional development for safe, ethical and competent practice in a range of professions that provide important services to the community.

In the letter PACFA urges the Treasurer o reconsider this policy decision. PACFA’s preference would be for the policy to be abandoned completely, but if the policy is to be retained, the cap needs to be set higher than $2,000 level set in the budget. This would enable practitioners to access quality professional development and would support continuous improvement in their professional skills.

Download the Wayne Swan letter re Self-education cap 30-5-13





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