PACFA launches new Supervision Training Standards

PACFA has updated its Supervision Training Standards to make the standards more accessible for training providers interested in running supervision training programs.

The new standards require supervision training to be 36 hours of training completed over a minimum of three months. Training must include a component of supervised practise as a supervisor and may now include an online learning component in addition the in-person learning.

To download the Supervision Training Standards 2018, go to the Accredited Supervisors page.

The review of the standards has included some adjustments to the requirements to become a PACFA Accredited Supervisor. The Register Requirements for Accredited Supervisors 2018 have clarified the difference between the two pathways to become a PACFA Accredited Supervisor, making the two pathways more similar. The Transition Pathway comes to an end in June 2020 so in the future all practitioners interested being accredited as supervisors by PACFA must follow the Training Pathway which involves completing supervision training that meets PACFA’s requirements.

To download the Register Requirements for Accredited Supervisors 2018,  go to the Accredited Supervisors page.