PACFA launches new Code of Ethics

PACFA is pleased to announce the launch of the new PACFA Code of Ethics 2017.

PACFA Members and Registrants, including Practitioners, Affiliates, Students, Educators, Trainers and Researchers are required to work to the PACFA Code of Ethics 2017 and all are encouraged to read and reflect on the new Code.

Key concepts like “do no harm”, having compassion for clients, having our clients’ best interests at heart, working with competence and professionalism, taking responsibility, being open to diversity, and enhancing self-reflection, have guided PACFA in the development the new Code.

PACFA sees it as very important that the new Code places the client at the forefront of the document, and at the centre of our ethics, but the Code also invites all those working to the Code to reflect deeply on their ethical practice: on the complexities of confidentiality and dual relationships, on the limitations of their competence, on the issues of contracting, on their responsibilities when working with diverse groups, when teaching, supervising, researching and also when using technology.  Importantly, this is also a Code practitioners and others can turn to when they have to make difficult ethical decisions.

Many people have contributed to the development of the PACFA Code of Ethics 2017 and PACFA thanks all those who have worked so tirelessly towards making this Code what it is, a Code that fits into today’s world: A client centred Code for practitioners.

In 2018, the Ethics Committee will be developing website resources to help those using the Code to understand, reflect on, and put into practice this important document.

PACFA plans to put on professional development events to support the implementation process for the new Code.