PACFA Launches new accreditation scheme for specialist courses

PACFA has launched a new accreditation scheme to accredit specialist courses in counselling and psychotherapy.

Training providers can now apply to have their specialist courses assessed and accredited by PACFA.  The accreditation process involves rigorous, independent assessment of specialist courses and leads to the designation of ‘PACFA Accredited Specialist Course’.

The development of the new accreditation scheme follows on from the launch of the PACFA Training Standards 2018 in April this year. During the development of the 2018 Training Standards, it was recognised that there are many small but high-quality training providers of specialist counselling or psychotherapy education whose courses would not fit within the AQF Framework as required by eth PACFA Training Standards 2018, but which nonetheless provide high quality specialist training.  The Specialist Training Accreditation Scheme was therefore created, in part, to provide a pathway for recognition of these specialist training courses. Accreditation of specialist training also has benefits for clinicians, the public, the profession, and other specialist programs through the creation of a Specialist Training Accreditation Scheme.

Graduates of PACFA accredited specialist training courses can have confidence that their specialist training meets PACFA’s standards for quality and provides them with appropriate preparation for professional practice in their chosen area of specialist practice. Where the Graduate has completed other training that meets the PACFA Training Standards 2018, they may be eligible for PACFA membership or registration. Where an area of specialisation is covered by a specialist PACFA College, Graduates of PACFA Accredited Specialist Courses who also meet the PACFA Training Standards 2018 may be eligible for recognition through the College.

For information on how to apply, see the PACFA website.

Applicants must demonstrate how the specialist course meets the PACFA Specialist Training Standards 2018 and the Specialist Training Requirements for Accreditation 2018.

It is a notable feature of the new accreditation scheme that the Education and Training Provider Requirements set out in the Specialist Training Requirements for Accreditation 2018 only need to be addressed by courses that are not already accredited by TEQSA or ASQA. This will ensure there is no duplication of government accreditation processes.