PACFA launches NDIS resources

When the NDIS was first launched, PACFA was actively involved in consultation processes about the design of the scheme. We also ran a pilot in Victoria to establish the eligibility of PACFA Registrants to be providers for the NDIS. At that time, PACFA produced a package of resources to help PACFA Registrants apply to be providers.

The goal posts have shifted in the last four years and PACFA has therefore updated its NDIS resources. The resources have been sent to PACFA Registrants or Registrants can email admin@pacfa.org.au for a copy.

The counselling services that could potentially be provided under the NDIS are somewhat limited. The NDIS resources prepared by PACFA explain that the NDIS does not provide any services that are already provided by the mental health system. This means that clinical mental health services are not funded by the NDIS.

The types of supports that can be provided to NDIS participants – and which counsellors and psychotherapists would be suitably qualified to provide – are detailed in the PACFA resources. This is principally group or individual counselling aimed at providing “assistance to build capacity to live independently and achieve their goals, such as building social relationships”.

PACFA has concerns about the implementation of the NDIS. Some mental health services for people with psychosocial disability are now being rolled into the NDIS which means they will only be available to the smaller pool of people who are NDIS participants. This has opened up gaps in the mental health service system which Health Minister, Greg Hunt, has made a commitment to address. The implementation has also seen some participants have their proposed plans rejected – possibly because of funding pressures.