PACFA joins Allied Health Professions Australia

PACFA has joined Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA), the peak body for allied health professions in Australia, effective from 1 September 2019.

AHPA represents and advocates for the role of allied health professionals in health, aged care, disability, education and all systems where allied health services have a role. As the peak national organisation for allied health professions, AHPA has an important strategic leadership role and is the body that the Federal Government and other national organisations turn to when they seek a collective view of allied health.

PACFA has become eligible to join AHPA since changing our Training Standards in 2018, however we cannot join as full voting members until the grandfathering period comes to an end for practitioners to join PACFA under the previous standards. In the meantime, PACFA is an Affiliate member of AHPA which enables us to participate in all of their policy forums and working groups.

AHPA’s work on the NDIS

AHPA has been advocating tirelessly to seek improvements to the design and rollout of the NDIS. PACFA plans to join AHPA’s NDIS Working Group in order to contribute to work aimed at influencing government decisions around this important policy area. Participation in this group will also strengthen PACFA’s capacity to respond to the NDIS as an emerging allied health profession.

AHPA has a substantial grant from the Commonwealth Government to develop an online learning package for health professionals wishing to apply to be NDIS providers. This will be a valuable resource for PACFA Registrants who wish to apply, helping them navigate the complicated NDIS application process.