PACFA Draft Guidelines on Client Records

PACFA has been working on Draft Guidelines for Client Records and these have now been uploaded to the PACFA website for counsellors and psychotherapists to use.  Download DRAFT Guidelines on Client Records.

Although the Guidelines are still only Draft Guidelines, PACFA wanted to make them available to practitioners as quickly as possible as we receive many enquiries from practitioners seeking advice on how to keep their client records.

The Draft Guidelines cover the key issues relating to client records including:

  • The Purpose of client records
  • Disclosure of record keeping procedures
  • Confidentiality of client records
  • Content of client records
  • Construction and control of client records
  • Client records and legal proceedings
  • Client access to records
  • Retention and disposal of records

We have now commenced a consultation period during which we are seeking feedback from PACFA member associations on the Draft Guidelines. PACFA is happy to receive feedback on the Draft Guidelines via email to the CEO, maria.brett@pacfa.org.au.