PACFA Conference 2021 – Safety in therapy: Balancing risk and healing in an uncertain world

PACFA is pleased to announce the theme of our next bi-annual conference, which will be held in Adelaide from the 30th April to 2nd May 2021: Safety in therapy: Balancing risk and healing in an uncertain world.

Research is compelling in making a case for safety and its link to the transformative power in therapy. This is particularly relevant to counsellors and psychotherapists as we seek to navigate risk and safety in our work with others. There is uncertainty related to external events as well as the unpredictability of the therapeutic journey itself. The theme of the Safety in therapy Conference aims to highlight strategies to meet the challenges of practitioner self-care (feeling safe in ourselves) ethical dilemmas (feeling safe in our practice) and the “hows” and “whys” of creating a sense of safety for our clients in all their diversity of backgrounds, situations and needs.

Streams at the conference will be:

1.  Who Cares? Working with diversity, ethics, trauma and self-care

  • Practitioner self-care, vicarious trauma, burnout and compassion fatigue.
  • Dilemmas in therapy (ethical dilemmas)
  • How to survive as a therapist dealing with trauma 
  • Labels, stigma and oppression in therapy
  • Application to Diverse Communities (experience of practitioners from Diverse Communities)

2.  Tight Ropes and Safety Nets: Family and Intimate Partner Violence

  • Family violence: What is therapist collusion? What is indicated and contraindicated in therapy? Why is relationship or family therapy dangerous in the context of family violence?
  • Application to diverse communities

3.  Tight Ropes and Safety Nets: Suicide and Self Harm

  • Suicide, self-harm, risk assessment and risk management
  • Application to diverse communities

The conference will also feature two panels:

  1. Survivor stories: Family and intimate and partner violence 
  2. Survivor stories: Suicide and self harm

PACFA will keep all our members informed of opportunities to participate in the conference in the new year. Watch the eNews for the Call for Abstracts for conference presenters which will be coming soon.