PACFA Clinical Registrants eligible to be providers for St Luke’s and Phoenix Health Funds

PACFA Clinical Registrants who are eligible to be providers for Police Health and Emergency Services Health are also eligible to be providers for St Lukes Health  and Phoenix Health Fund.

St Luke’s Health is a not for profit health fund, established in Tasmania in 1952.  While St Luke’s Health has a strong presence in Tasmania, it also has national coverage with more than 57,000 members across Australia. 

Like St Luke’s Phoenix Health Fund is a not for profit fund, located in Newcastle, NSW. Phoenix was established in 1956 as an employee’s health fund and now operates as a non-restricted fund, with approximately 15,000 members across Australia.

How can I become a provider for these health funds?  

If you are already a registered provider for Police and Emergency Services Health, you are automatically recognised as a provider by St. Luke’s and Phoenix health funds and you don’t need to take any extra actions. Your clients can claim rebates with St Luke’s or Phoenix using the same provider number as your clients claiming rebates from Police and Emergency Services Health Funds. You can use the same provider number for these different funds because like Police and Emergency Services Health, provider registration for St Luke’s and Phoenix Health Funds is managed through the Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG) national provider database. This means that these funds all have access to the same list of providers. 

If you are a PACFA Clinical Registrant interested in becoming a provider for Police and Emergency Services, St. Luke’s and Phoenix Health funds, you can learn more about eligibility requirements and apply for registration through PACFA. Full details on eligibility requirements and the registration process, (including special measures  under COVID-19) are available on the PACFA website. 

How can my client’s make a claim?  

Claiming through St Luke’s and Phoenix Health Funds is straightforward. Simply invoice the relevant health fund using the same Provider Number the PACFA Membership Team sent you when you registered with Police and Emergency Services Health along with your client’s name and details of the service provided.  Rebates will only be considered if the ARHG provider number is presented on a receipt. Benefits will not be paid for services provided by PACFA members who are not registered through ARHG. 

For further information on registration and rebates please see thePolice & Emergency Services Health Funds FAQs 

Iyou have any questions about private health rebates, please contact the PACFA Membership Team: membership@pacfa.org.au.