PACFA Annual Report 2019

PACFA has launched it 2019 Annual Report in preparation for the 2019 Annual General Meeting taking place on 5 October.

The Annual Report highlights PACFA’s activities, achievements and financial results in the period 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019. It includes a Message from the PACFA President, Dr Di Stow, a Financial Report from the Treasurer, George Gintilas, and an overview of PACFA’s main activities during the reporting period.

We have seen another year of strong membership growth which has helped deliver a financial surplus, making PACFA financially stable and secure in order to continue with our important mission.

As Di Stow notes in her message, it has been a pleasure to see PACFA continue to grow and make progress with our mission in the last year.  We’ve celebrated some significant achievements between 1/7/2018 and 30/6/2019.

The Annual Report features an overview of PACFA’s advocacy work for professional recognition of counsellors and psychotherapists, provides a profile of our members, summarises our research outputs and publications, and details the 47 professional development events put on by PACFA in the last year.

In fulfilment of our regulatory function as a peak body for the profession, PACFA has heard ethical complaints and provided ethics support to members via the Ethics Support Line. We have also continued to accredit training programs in counselling and psychotherapy as well as accrediting new specialist courses.

Importantly, the Report acknowledges and thanks the 113 volunteers who contributed to PACFA’s work in 2018-2019 by serving on the PACFA Board, Committees, Leadership Groups, Working Parties and Professional Panels or assisting with our publications; and the staff and consultants who have supported our work.

Every-one at PACFA is looking forward to another year advancing PACFA’s mission and seeing the organisation continue to grow and flourish.

Download the PACFA Annual Report 2019