Other Private Health Funds

PACFA is committed to achieving increased recognition for our members by a wide range of Private Health Funds across Australia. We regularly advocate on behalf of our members through direct contact with individual Health Funds and through developing  an organisational relationship with various peak agencies representing the Private Health Insurance sector.

Provider registration with select smaller Health Funds

PACFA members who register as providers with Police and Emergency Services Health funds are automatically listed on the National Alternative Therapy Accredited Provider Database. This national database is managed by the Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG). ARHG is a national peak agency which provides a range of contract negotiation and provider registration support services to a wide variety of regional, not-for-profit and restricted membership Private Health Funds across Australia. 

If you are a registered provider with Police  and Emergency Services Health funds, your Accredited Provider Number can also be used for claiming rebates through other smaller health funds which use the ARHG Database and offer rebates for counselling to their members.

To ensure you clients can claim through these health funds, your invoice will need to include your ARHG Accredited Provider Number along with your client’s name and standard invoicing details of the service provided. Rebates will only be considered by these funds if the ARHG provider number is presented on a receipt. Benefits will not be paid for services provided by PACFA members who are not registered through ARHG. 

St. Luke’s  Health 

St. Luke’s Health is a not for profit Members Own Health Fund. Established in Tasmania in 1952, St Luke’s Health now has over 57,000 members across Australia. St Luke’s offers rebates for counselling to members who hold their Super Extras cover. To find out more, click here.

Phoenix Health Fund

Phoenix Health Fund is a not-for-profit Members Own Health Fund, located in Newcastle, NSW. Phoenix was established in 1956 as an employee’s health fund but now operates as a non-restricted fund, with approximately 15,000 members across Australia. Phoenix offers counselling rebates for services for members with Everyday or Complete Extras cover. To find out more click here.


Apply to become a Private Health Funds provider

PACFA Members can apply to become providers with Police & Emergency Service Health and a range of other Private Health funds online by completing the PACFA Private Health Fund Provider Number Application 

If you have any further questions about becoming a Police & Emergency Service Health provider, please email our Membership Team (membership@pacfa.org.au) or call the PACFA Office on (03) 9486 3077.



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