No change to NSW rules regarding masks and QR codes

PACFA has received several queries from NSW members asking if there is any information from the NSW Government about new requirements for (some) businesses to use QR Codes. 

The QR Code requirements do not currently apply to Counsellors and Psychotherapists as the list of businesses where this is mandatory does not include providers of Healthcare or Mental Health services. For details, see the following NSW Government webpage which includes a list of businesses that must use QR codes.

The COVID-19 Safety Plan page refers particularly to the record keeping requirements for Primary Health Providers. Using a QR code is a suggested option only. The page explains the record keeping obligations and the expectation that this information will be kept confidential. There are some specific requirements for Aged Care Facilities. 

There is currently no change to the rules for Counsellors and Psychotherapists on wearing a mask. Here are the rules for the Restrictions for Greater Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong | NSW Government. The page includes the following statement: “Health services: premises that are used for the purpose of providing health services are not retail premises or business premises.” In addition, there is no mention of health services in the list of premises where you must wear a mask.

Please use this link to view the Restrictions for regional and rural NSW | NSW Government.

PACFA will post a news item as soon as we become aware of changes that impact on Counsellors and Psychotherapists in NSW.