New Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Guidelines

PACFA has updated its Guidelines for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) applications. The new guidelines have been finalised by the Professional Standards Committee and approved by the PACFA Board and are now in use as a Working Document. The PACFA Council will be consulted on the new RPL Guidelines at the AGM in October.

Applications for individual PACFA membership, and applications from members of PACFA Member Association who wish to be listed on the PACFA Register, are now being accepted via the RPL pathway using the new guidelines.

RPL applications may be made for membership or registration at the Intern, Provisional or Clinical levels

To apply, please review the Guidelines for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Applications.

The guidelines provide a clear framework for making applications to PACFA via RPL that is easier to complete, more flexible and inclusive of practitioners with a training formation that is different form the PACFA Training Standards.

“The RPL process allows for assessment of equivalence with formal counselling and psychotherapy training for applicants who have not completed the training specified in the PACFA Training Standards 2014. The RPL pathway recognises the totality of skills and knowledge gained through, but not limited to, formal training, industry based training, professional development activities, work experience and life experience. This pathway is consistent with the principles for Recognition of Prior Learning set out in the Australian Qualification Framework.

Applicants are required to prepare a comprehensive application based on the guidelines in this document in order to demonstrate that their training, work experience and level of knowledge and competence acquired through other forms of learning is equivalent to that of practitioners listed on the PACFA National Register.”

Applicants are requested to complete the online Application Form on the Counselling and Psychotherapy Portal. Please use the Practitioner and Educator Application Form. In addition, RPL applications are required to address the RPL Guidelines by using the following headings to structure the application:

1. Counselling and/or psychotherapy training:
1.1 Training relating to counselling and/or psychotherapy practice

2. Other forms of learning and development relevant to counselling and/or psychotherapy practice

2.1 Supervised practice
2.2 Work experience as a counsellor or psychotherapist
2.3 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in counselling and/or psychotherapy
2.4 Other relevant work or life experience
2.5 Contribution to the counselling and psychotherapy profession

The standard PACFA application fee of $138 (inc. GST) applies and there is an additional fee for assessment via RPL of $100 (inc. GST).