New PACJA Editor appointed

PACFA is very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Rhys Price-Robertson as the new Editor of PACJA, the Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia. PACFA thanks the outgoing Editor, James Vicars, for his excellent contribution as the PACJA Editor during his tenure.

Dr Rhys Price-Robertson  

Dr Rhys Price-Robertson completed a PhD in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Bioethics at Monash University, and is currently completing training is Gestalt Psychotherapy. In addition to editing PACJA, Rhys will continue in his current role at the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) where he develops resources to enhance the capacity of professionals in the child and family welfare sector to identify, assess, and support children at risk of mental health difficulties. Previously Rhys has held roles as a Senior Researcher for the AIFS and as a Knowledge Broker for the Children of the Parents with a Mental illness (COPMI) National Initiative where he advised on the research evidence for effective clinical interventions for children. Rhys has also researched and published extensively on topics such as mental health, fathering, family life and social theory. 

I am delighted to welcome Rhys to PACFA and PACJA!