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The process to upgrade PACFA membership or PACFA registration is the same whether you are an Individual Member of PACFA or a Member Association member who is listed on the PACFA Register.

Individual PACFA members who are eligible to upgrade their membership to a higher membership category may apply for upgrade. Membership upgrade includes upgrade to the relevant registration category.

Members of PACFA Member Associations who are listed on the PACFA Register and who are eligible to upgrade their registration may apply for upgrade.  The application must be endorsed by your Member Association.

To upgrade, you must provide evidence that you have met the requirements for the level membership or registration to which you wish to upgrade.

Upgrade from Provisional to Clinical membership or registration

To apply, applicants must be Provisional Registrants and must have:

  • Completed 40 client hours linked to 10 hours of supervision (during their training)
  • Completed an additional 750 post-qualifying client hours linked to 75 hours of post-qualifying supervision over a minimum of 2 years
  • Completed the Upgrade Application Form
  • Paid the applicable fee

If you belong to a PACFA Member Association, your Upgrade Application requires endorsement by your Member Association. PACFA will send your application to your nominated Member Association for endorsement.

For the applicable fee, please see the Schedule of Fees.

Online Applications 

Upgrade Applications are to be completed online at the Counselling & Psychotherapy Portal.

To apply online, please log-in to the Counselling & Psychotherapy Portal when prompted and complete the application form.

  • PACFA Upgrade – Provisional to Clinical

Offline applications

To apply using the paper application form, there is an administrative fee. For details see the Schedule of Fees.

Please contact the PACFA Office at register@pacfa.org.au to enquire about making an offline application.